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Healthy Aging Series

Fall 2023 Healthy Aging Series

9/29/23 Active Listening Skills
Ciloue Cheng Stewart

10/20/23 Community Nutrition Programs for Seniors (Home-Delivered Meals, Congregate Meals & CHAMPSS)

Jennifer Tung Alexander, MPA

11/3/23 How Our Bodies, Emotions and Feelings Connect
Maria Loconsolo, LPC

November Date TBD - Preventive Medicine for Seniors

Paul Dew, M.D. MPH

Spring 2023 Healthy Aging Series

Our Spring 2023 Healthy Aging Series focused specifically on mental health and accessing community services.  Mental health is a topic that is often left unaddressed in the Asian community.  Fountain of Life seeks to discuss and celebrate mental health because experiencing high quality mental health and wellness is linked to experiencing a high quality of life. In addition, seniors with limited English proficiency often lack awareness of or experience barriers in accessing community health services. Fountain of Life collaborated with the Johnson County Health Department, Johnson County Aging and Human Services Department, and Johnson County Mental Health Center to deliver linguistically accessible seminars regarding community health services. Because of these new partnerships, several key outreach materials were also translated into Chinese, Korean and Vietnamese. Please see our Resources Page



















Fall 2022 Healthy Aging Series

Our Fall 2022 Health Aging Series was focused on physical and social health. The seminar program provided an opportunity for seniors to engage in meaningful discussions. Our speakers educated and empowered seniors to make lifestyle changes to improve physical and social health. Fall 2022 presentations included:

9/27/22 Preventive Medicine for Seniors
Paul Dew, M.D. MPH

10/11/22 An Exploration of Suffering

Pastor George Hsu

10/14/22 Dental Health for Seniors

Haiping Sun, D.D.S.

10/18/22 Metabolic Syndrome

Paul Dew, M.D. MPH

10/25/22 Medicare Part A & B

11/9/22 Caregiving for Seniors

Steven Mak, R.N.

11/12/22 Vitamins & Supplements - Part 1

Mike Cheung, RPH, MBA

11/15/22 Senior Housing Options in Kansas City

Mei-ling Hsu

11/29/22 Medicare Part A & B

12/3/22 Vitamins & Supplements - Part 2

Mike Cheung, RPH, MBA

12/6/22 Aging & Mental Health

Paul Dew, M.D. MPH

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