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Fountain of Life Inc. is an independent nonprofit organization that was established in June 2022 to serve the unique needs of Asian elders living in the Greater Kansas City community. Many have recognized the social and emotional needs of elders. There are wonderful senior centers in the community for elders to gather and socialize. However, in the Kansas City community, Asian-language speaking elders who cannot communicate proficiently in English often face cultural and linguistic barriers in accessing and utilizing the programs and services offered by local senior centers and community centers. It is in response to this overwhelming community need that Fountain of Life was birthed.

Image by Robert Thiemann


Fountain of Life is purposely headquartered in Johnson County, Kansas where Asians make up the third largest racial group. In July 2022, we began offering programs and services to elevate and transform the quality of life for Chinese-speaking elders. Since that time, we have been gradually expanding services to reach Korean, Vietnamese and Japanese-speaking elders. We collaborate and partner with faith and civic groups serving the Asian population of Greater Kansas City.

Old Asian woman comfortably posing
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