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Healthy GenerAsians

Healthy GenerAsians is an innovative intergenerational trauma-focused mental and emotional health and wellness program that promotes cultural linguistic health equity for Limited English Proficient (LEP) Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) families 

Although the program targets LEP AAPI families, Healthy GenerAsians is open to adults/families of all ages, genders, racial/ethnic backgrounds. 


The program is 3-pronged:

  1. Healthy GenerAsians aims to provide access to affordable mental health support for LEP AAPI families, regardless of insurance status, so that they can financially afford and receive therapy and counseling from licensed therapists (e.g., LMFT), social workers (e.g., LMSW, LCSW) and counselors (e.g. LPC, LCPC) who practice and deliver treatment in the client's primary spoken language. 

  2. Healthy GenerAsians aims to support LEP AAPI families by providing access to free psychosocial education groups in their primary spoken language covering topics such as active listening skills, healthy relationships/boundaries, conflict resolution skills, communication skills, managing emotions, etc. 

  3. Healthy GenerAsians aims to be an intergenerational family-focused program that provides culturally sensitive family bonding experiences for seniors, their adult children and/or grandchildren to build social-emotional and psychosocial skills while strengthening relationships and creating lasting memories. (i.e., Healthy GenerAsians might offer an Origami family craft night followed up with a time of facilitated family discussion.)

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