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Plaza Square Dance Group

Did you know that scholarly research has revealed the effectiveness of Plaza "Square" Dancing on psychological well-being and ill-being? Our Plaza Square Dance group has been meeting once a week for two hours since May 2023.  Plaza "Square" Dancing is a dance routine performed to music in public squares or parks that has roots in both ancient and modern Chinese history. According to a systematic review and meta-analysis of the literature conducted by Bai, Li, Yang, Xie, Zhu, Xu and Bai (2002) published in Frontiers in Psychology, evidence suggests that participating in plaza square dancing improves mental health. Specifically, the scholars quantified the relationships between plaza square dancing and psychological well-being and ill-being and assert that "Plaza [square] dancing has a significant positive effect on psychological well-being and psychological ill-being, and the effects are moderated by intervention modality. Generalizing plaza dancing interventions to promote psychological well-being and prevent or treat psychological ill-being is needed."

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