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Kansas City Asian American Health & Wellness Conference Speakers 2023
This page is a DRAFT. Do not make public or visible. Some speakers listed below are not yet confirmed. 

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Conference registration will open April 1, 2023. 

Iris Chang.png

Iris Chang, MEd, LPC, LMFT is a native of Taiwan who came to United States as adolescent. She chose a career change from B.S. in Engineering to M.M. in Business and to M.Ed. in Counseling/Behavioral Science. Iris is empathetic with life/work balance issues such as stress/time management and career transition/satisfaction. She has had extensive experience working with families with elderly, couples, individuals with disabilities or special needs, at-risk adolescents, and college students. 

Iris Chang, MEd, LPC, LMFT 是台湾人,青少年时期来到美国。她选择了 B.S. 的职业转变。工程硕士在商业和教育硕士在咨询/行为科学。 Iris 对生活/工作平衡问题有同理心,例如压力/时间管理和职业转型/满意度。她在与老人家庭、夫妇、残疾人或有特殊需要的人、高危青少年和大学生打交道方面拥有丰富的经验。

Mike Cheung English.png

Mike Cheung, RPh, MBA is a staff pharmacist at OptumRx Mail Order Service. Previously, he worked as the pharmacy manager at Osco Drug, a retail pharmacy store in Kansas City for 8 years. Mike serves patients with their prescription needs and provides consultation to their medication and health questions. He graduated from the School of Pharmacy at University of Missouri- Kansas City in 1997.

张学辉於 1997 年畢業於密蘇里大學堪薩斯城分校藥學院。他目前在 OptumRx Mail Order Service 擔任藥劑師。他曾在 Osco Drug 擔任藥房經理 8 年。 這是堪薩斯城的一家零售藥店。他為患者提供處方需求,並為他們的藥物和健康問題提供諮詢。

Dr. Paul Dew, MD, MPH graduated from the The University of Hong Kong School of Medicine. After 12 years in the practice of internal medicine clinic in Hong Kong, he became licensed as a U.S. physician in 1994. Dr. Dew obtained two additional specialties in public health and prevention, and occupational medicine in the United States in 1996. From 2000-2012, he served as a professor at the Kansas City University. From 2003-2018, Dr. Dew served as the Kansas City Health Department Clinic Director. 




  • 1994年獲美國醫師執照

  • 1996 獲美國公共衛生和預防以及職業醫學兩項專科執照

  • 2000-2012 Kansas City University 教授

  • 2003-2018 Kansas City Health Department 診所主任

Eriko Her.jpeg

Eriko Her, Pre-Licensed Professional, MA, T-LPC is a mom, a wife, an advocate for mental health, and a T-LPC in Leawood, Kansas. She is passionate about working with people experiencing depression and anxiety and educates people about mental health and how it affects us. She strives to be the change she desires to see in the world. Eriko is originally from the large Hmong community of Michigan and moved to Greater Kansas City after marrying her husband. She seeks to build community among the Kansas City Asian community and its different ethnic groups. 


Eriko Her, MA, T-LPC yog leej niam, tus poj niam, tus neeg tawm tswv yim rau kev mob hlwb, thiab T-LPC hauv Leawood, Kansas. Nws mob siab rau ua haujlwm nrog cov neeg muaj kev nyuaj siab thiab kev ntxhov siab thiab qhia tib neeg txog kev noj qab haus huv ntawm lub hlwb thiab nws cuam tshuam rau peb li cas. Nws mob siab ua qhov kev hloov pauv uas nws xav pom hauv ntiaj teb. Eriko yog keeb kwm los ntawm cov zej zog Hmoob loj hauv Michigan thiab tsiv mus rau Greater Kansas City tom qab yuav nws tus txiv. Nws nrhiav kev tsim cov zej zog ntawm Kansas City Asian zej zog thiab nws cov pab pawg neeg sib txawv.

Steven Mak, R.N. has been a Registered Nurse at The University of Kansas Health System for the past 12 years working in the operating room. Prior to that, he has experience in caring for family and grandparents which influenced his decision to go into the medical field. 


麥智駒护士是堪薩斯大學衛生系統的註冊護士,過去 12 年一直在手術室工作。 在此之前,他有照顧祖父母和父母的經驗,這影響了他在醫療領域的決定。

Dr. Ciloue Cheng Stewart, PhD, MSE, LMFT has been a practicing psychotherapist for more than 25 years. She is a native of Taiwan and is fluent in Mandarin and English. Dr. Stewart holds PhD in Family Social Science, Master of Education in Counseling Psychology, and is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. She retired from Washington University in St. Louis in 2021, and is happily continuing her private practice.

鄭斯璐心理咨商师从事心理治疗已超过 25 年。她是土生土长的台湾人,精通普通话和英语。鄭斯璐拥有家庭社会科学博士学位、咨询心理学教育硕士学位,并且是一名持照婚姻和家庭治疗师。她于 2021 年从圣路易斯华盛顿大学退休,并愉快地继续她的私人执业。

UMKC Psychiatrist

Japanese Dentist (Stacey Woo) 

Japanese Therapist (Aya Kawasaki, LCSW - Multicultural Counseling & Research Center)

Japanese Doctor (Noriko Okahara, DO, MPH - Health Partnership Clinic)

Vietnamese Dentist (identified two: Scott Nguyen, John Le, Tho Do [need to contact])

Vietnamese Doctor (identified two; asked Steven about how to connect)

Vietnamese Therapist (Catholic Charities, Jewish Family Services)

Korean Therapist (Heeseong Ha, 하 희승, LPC, LCAC... Maria Loconsolo)

Korean Doctor (??????)

Korean Dentist (Joe Moon,

Johnson County Mental Health (YES)

Johnson County Area Agency on Aging (YES: need to EMAIL)

Johnson County Health Department (Outreach Nurse Services for Older adults) 

If you or your company would like to sponsor this event, send us an email at

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